Hackensack Mom Gets Recognized


NOTE: The Puglisi family sacrifice is recognized by the citizens of Hackensack. Sometime in late 1942 or early 1943 this article appeared in the RECORD newspaper. I received this article from the daughter of Sam Puglisi, Elizabeth, who is known by many as Lovey. On the side of the article Sam's mom,
Mrs. Josephine Puglisi, the mother of all four brothers, wrote a note or another family member who may have been with her wrote the note, which said in part, “…taken to Oritani this morning by Ms. Granito. She was on the stage... was presented with a four star pin. She sure got a great big hand. I'll send you any
further write ups.”
It is a day the family has never forgotten.

Below is the article rewritten for clarity


Mrs. Puglisi Rates 4 Stars;
2 more Sons Get Army Call

Thomas 25 and Vincent 21, Report tomorrow;
Phillip 31, And Salvatore 23, In Khaki Now


The Puglisi family of downtown Hackensack is looking for a 4-star flag. All four boys, sons of Mrs. Josephine Puglisi of
16 East Broadway and the late Carl Puglisi, are in the Army.


First of these descendants of Sicilian immigrants, who adopted this country decades ago, to become a soldier was
23 year-old Salvatore. He enlisted for a year's service in 1940, served in the field artillery at Fort Dix for a year, then was discharged. He was recalled two months ago. A radio–operator specialist he's an artillery private at Fort Ethan Allen, Vermont.

Next to go was Staff Sergeant Phillip, 31, oldest of the quartet and an attorney. Drafted in June of 1941, he served at
Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri , and for the past eight months has been attached to a special branch of the
Second Service Command at Governors Island.

Latest to enter are Thomas, 25, and Vincent, 21. They enlisted last month in the ordinance department and report for duty tomorrow. Thomas will be rated as a private first class.

The Puglisis have lived here for upwards of 20 years. All attended Hackensack grade and high schools. Phillip was graduated from New Jersey Law School where he was a member of Wig and Mace, honorary scholastic society, and admitted to the bar in 1935. He became a counselor in 1939. He had offices at 29 Main Street. Salvatore did radio work before he entered the Army. Thomas and Vincent both did defense work, though of a different sort. Thomas worked with Hoffman La Roche, Inc., Nutley chemical works, which makes vitamin pills and now has the Army and Navy as its biggest customers. Vincent was in a Clifton shop turning out gears for planes and tanks on subcontract. He was a lathe hand.

The departure of the last two boys leaves Mrs. Puglisi, who is active in Saint Francis R. C. Church and S. S. C. C. affairs, alone. Their only sister, Philomena, is a nun, member of the Religious Teachers Fillipine, order originated by Archbishop Walsh.

Sister Philomena entered the Villa Lucia, now the Villa Walsh, at Morristown 5 years ago, took her final vows a year later, and now teaches in St. Joseph 's School Montclair.

Actual Article


Background image of Main Street, Hackensack 1942
obtained from: The County Seat, January 15, 2010