Hackensack High School
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I met Paul Jurik at a Monday evening bible study at
Hawthorne Gospel church in the Spring of 2015.  He told me he had gone to Hackensack High School and graduated in 1977.

Paul told me he served in the Marine Corp from 1978 till September 2002.  When Paul Jurik was first in the service he was stationed in Japan for a time and then was state side for remainder of service at Camp Lejune, North Carolina, Camp Penelton, California, Red Bank, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. 

He rose to rank of GY Sergeant and the units Paul was associated with during his service was Bravo Company 1st Battalion 9th Marines, Lima Company 3rd Battalion 9th Marines, 2nd Tank Battalion India-Kilo Company 3rd Battalion 2nd Marines, Echo Company 2nd Battalion 2nd Marines, Marine Air group 49 3rd Battalion 23rd Marines, 6th Motor Transport Battalion. 

I asked Paul Jurik where he had served during Desert Storm in the early 1990’s and he said he was stationed in Red Bank, New Jersey and was attached to the 6th Motor Transport Battalion.  He was an Infantry Marksmanship, training and operations Instructor. 

During his career service in the Marines, Paul received several medals and awards including the Navy Commendation medal and four Navy achievement medals.            

Written by:
Bob Meli
April 28, 2015


Background image of Red Bank, NJ with 6th Motor Transport Battalion Marines during Desert Storm training obtained from: