Click here to view The Record obituary article dated Wednesday July 13, 2016, telling of the passing of one of the most prominent attorney’s in the history of Bergen County.

Click here to view the Mass of Christian Burial pamphlet dated July 15, 2016.

I knew Mr. Giblin personally, and though I will never know his whole life story, I knew enough from people like Ted Sellarole, who had played baseball at Hackensack the same time Paul Giblin was playing baseball in Hackensack for Holy Trinity High School. To know the extraordinary obstacles Paul Giblin overcame to reach the level of achievement in his profession was a great testament to a man who used his success to help others. Ted Sellarole told of a truly rags to riches story through hard work and a great caring for others. Paul Giblin, Sr. also told me he had been the catcher for Stan Pitula on a summer league team they had played on together while in high school. He said Stan Pitula was one of the best pitchers he had ever played.

When I spoke to Paul Giblin once I mentioned my relationship to Carl Padovano and he showed a truly grateful look for both Carl Padovano and Tom Della Torre for the help they gave him while growing up. I do not know what they did, but I will never forget the gratefulness he showed in his response. I believe Paul Giblin, Sr. showed his gratefulness to Carl Padovano and Tom Della Torre throughout his lifetime by the many people he helped that needed a helping hand. 

Written by:
Bob Meli
July 27, 2016


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