Click here to view Mattie Fields’ obituary article which appeared in
The Record newspaper on September 21, 2014.

The article states that Mattie Fields came to Hackensack when she was
15 years old, which would have been around 1942, right at the beginning of
World War II. I do not know as of January 22, 2016 the relationship, if any, that Mattie Fields has with the couple Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Fields of
129 Passaic Street in Hackensack, who were the parental guardians of
Harold Dillard when he was killed in action during Vietnam.

          The article mentions Mattie Fields worked for the defense department and she most likely attended Hackensack schools after moving here at age 15.

For those reasons, I thought it appropriate to mention her and the great influence she had on those she cared for throughout her life.

Written by:
Bob Meli
January 23, 2016


Background Image of the Verick Church on Atlantic Street in Hackensack: