Click here to view The Evening Record article dated Saturday January 6, 1906 on the death
of Nelson Haas, which states that Kenneth Bennett was one of the students Nelson Haas had tutored to pass the entrance examination to Annapolis. 

The article only states that Kenneth Bennett was a Lieutenant in the Navy and was on one of the warships at the time January 6, 1906. Because I do not know how long he has been in service, I am putting Kenneth Bennett under Spanish-American War because he is mentioned so early in the article on those Nelson Haas had helped and it does take some time to rise to the rank of Lieutenant.
Until more information is found, I have him here. There is also a Kenneth M. Bennett listed on the World War I Honor Roll List which was in the paper October 5, 1918 and could very well be the same person.

Written by:
Bob Meli
September 3, 2014


Background image of a Battleship during 1906 obtained from: