November 30, 1918




“Dearest Mother: -- Just a line to let you know I am well and
have received all the mail from home.

          “No doubt, ma, you have been wondering why I have not written sooner, but now I will tell you. 
          “We were on the go and were in that last big drive and I don’t know how we ever escaped from that heavy shell fire from the Huns, but here I am well and happy as ever.  I quess it must have been in the papers up home about the 29th Division, and especially the 114th Inf.
          It was on October 13th Columbus Day, when our regiment went over the top and we sure hit the Huns hard.
          “I must say, ma, that I hope I will never have to witness such a sight again.  The men were being carried off in ambulances while under heavy shell fire, and many of the stretcher carriers were killed and wounded and lots of them gassed.  Had a smell of that myself.
          “The fellow I brought home for breakfast that morning was gassed.  I met Whitey and he sure was glad to see me.
          “We have just been relieved from the front and resting now. 
  “I remain,
               “Your loving son,
           “114TH Inf. Band A. E. F.
             “A. P. O. 765, via N. Y."