The Evening Record Article
November 13, 1918


Lieut M’Grath
Is Wounded

Is in Hospital Where Miss
Flossie St. John is Engaged
as Nurse


Word Has been that Lieut. John S. McGrath, a brother of James F. McGrath of Park Street, was wounded in France on October fifth. He writes from a Red Cross military they were on the battlefield for five days, during which time they were entirely surrounded by the Germans. The hospital where he is convalescing was donated by W.K. Vanderbile, and one of the nurses at the institution is Miss Flossie St. John, of Hackensack. The lieutenant does not state in his letter the extent of his wound. Lieut. McGrath left Hackensack September, 23, 1917, and was going to Camp Dix at Wrightstown. Later he was promoted to corporal and finally sergeant. In April of this year he was shipped to Yaphank, from which camp he went overseas.
After two months of active fighting at the front, he entered the Officers’ Training School in France and on October 5th or 9th was commissioned a Second Lieutenant.