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George Toriello sent me this information September 14, 2017 on John C. Tyler, whose name appears on the Plaques in Hackensack and who died during his service
in World War I

John C. Tyler was living in Brooklyn, New York at the time of his induction, according to the vague military information and says his estimated death year was 1917-1918, which is when the U.S. troops entered the war. The information does state the cause of death, was Killed in Action. 

John C. Tyler’s branch of service was the Army and his rank Lieutenant.
John C. Tyler’s name is listed on the Hackensack City Hall Plaque,
The World War I Plaque at the Library and on a monument at Maple Grove Cemetery
in Hackensack paying tribute to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice during
the Great War.

     Material Recorded by:
Bob Meli
June 15, 2018


Background image of U.S. Troops during World War I obtained from: