Parent unit constituted 2 June 1913 in the New York National Guard as the 15th Infantry Regiment. Organized 29 June 1916 at New York. Mustered into Federal service 25 July 1917 at Camp Whitman , New York; drafted into Federal service 5 August 1917. (15th Battalion organized 3 August 1917 in the New York Guard at New York to replace regiment in Federal service; expanded and redesignated 31 July 1918 as the 15th Infantry, New York Guard).

Assigned 1 December 1917 to the 185th Infantry Brigade. (185 Infantry Brigade assigned 5 January 1918 to the 93rd Division [Provisional]).

Reorganized and redesignated 1 March 1918 as the 369th Infantry. Relieved 8 May 1918 from assignment to the 185th Infantry Brigade; assigned 9 September 1918 to the French 161st Division; relieved 12 December 1918 from assignment to the French 161st Division. Demobilized 28 February 1919 at Camp Upton, New York.

The recruitment took place in Harlem, New York.
The battalion trained at Camp Whitman (Poughkeepsie, N.Y.); guard duty in New York City; in further training in South Carolina; shipped overseas 27 December 1917; regimental band toured France; served within the French army in General Henri Gouraud’s 4th Army; in the 16th French Division.

During its service the regiment suffered 1500 casualties and took place in the following campaigns:

Champagne -Marne
Meuse -Argonne
Champagne 1918
Alsace 1918

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