Michael Conlon has brought so much history to us through his family history.  In this E-Mail on June 11, 2012, he tells of his 6th Great Grandfather,
Ichabod Cleveland, during the Revolution.  I hope to find out, January 2013, if he is also buried in the Church on the Green Cemetery.


Mr. Meli,

In our continuing work on my family's genealogy, we've learned about Ichabod Cleveland (b: June 28, 1765/ d: Aug 12, 1844). I believe that Ichabod (my 6th Great Grandfather) is also buried at the Church on the Green. I found a listing for his gravestone on the internet, but I haven't been back up to the church to locate and photograph it. I don't know if he is among your Revolutionary War headstones and listings.

Ichabod served in the Revolution as a Drummer, when he enlisted at the age of 16. According to the book: The Genealogy of the Cleveland Family (http://ia700506.us.archive.org/3/items/genealogyofcleve01clev/genealogyofcleve01clev.pdf) he is reported to have been present at the execution of Major John Andre (who was a co-conspirator of Benedict Arnold). He was later (1802) commissioned as a Lieutenant of Artillery in the Bergen Militia.

I don't know much more about him, I'm still working on it, but I thought I'd email you on the subject.



Ichabod Cleveland is my 6th great grandfather. He was born June 28, 1765 Elizabethtown, NJ (now Elizabeth) to Benjamin Norton Cleveland and Mary (Nichols) Cleveland. His father was a prominent builder in Elizabethtown.
The following account is taken from an affidavit filed by Ichabod Cleveland in 1832 in the Bergen County Court, pursuant to an application for a Revolutionary War service pension. This affidavit details Ichabod Cleveland’s Revolutionary War service in his own words and was signed by Cleveland.
Ichabod Cleveland served six tours of duty in the service of the United States during the American Revolution. In the summer and autumn of 1779, he enlisted, in Elizabethtown, as a Drummer and a Substitute in the NJ Militia. In July 1780 he enlisted for a six month tour of duty in Colonel Barber’s Company, then under the command of Lieutenant John Newcastle of Blair. Ichabod spent much of this enlistment on the march and performing guard duty. In approximately August 1780 Ichabod Cleveland marched to Stony Point, NY; Tappan, NY; Hackensack; and back to Tappan. At Tappan he was engaged in guard duty. He later marched from Tappan to West Point and was stationed there until approximately November.
In The Genealogy of the Cleveland and Cleaveland Families, Vol. 1,, genealogist Edmund James Cleveland, reports that Ichabod was present at the execution of Major John André. The author states that Ichabod related that when André was executed by hanging, he struggled so violently, he nearly kicked off his boots. André was a British Army Officer arrested and executed as spy in October 1780. He conspired with General Benedict Arnold and his wife, Peggy (Shippen) Arnold to surrender West Point to the British. Cleveland’s affidavit of war service appears to match the times and places of André’s capture, imprisonment, and execution.
Ichabod volunteered for service again n the spring of 1781 for one month under Captain Samuel Harriman and Lieutenant David Woodruff. He was again drafted into that regiment in the summer or fall of 1781. Finally, he volunteered into Captain Harriman’s regiment in the spring of 1782, and was discharged under Colonel Thomas.
From 1794, until his death in August 1844, he resided in Hackensack. Governor Bloomfield commissioned Ichabod as an artillery officer in the NJ militia in 1802 and again in 1808.

Written by:

Michael Conlon



Ichabod Cleveland is related to Moses Edgar Orr


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