Hackensack High School
Yearbook Photo


Born October 26, 1918
Catalpa Ave. Hackensack N.J.

Attended Hackensack Schools
Hackensack High School Graduation 1936

Newark College of Engineering
Freshman year
Letter in basketball
Transferred to V. A. (Virginia Tech) sophomore year
Co-Captain of swimming team
Graduated 1940, degree in Civil Engineering and ranked 2nd Lt.
(Second Lieutenant) in Reserves.

Worked at Langley Field, Va. As a civilian project engineer until called to active service at Fort Story and then Richmond Air Base.
Joined 81st Infantry Division on west coast, left from Camp Beale CA.
(California) rank 1st Lt. 1st platoon A Company 306th Combat Engineer Battalion 81st Infantry (‘Wild Cat') Division

Landings on Anguer and Peleliu
Killed 10/1/44 on Peleliu in the Palaus
Trying to rescue one of his wounded men
Silver Star for Gallantry in actio

Dorothy Lapham 4/26/04


NOTE: Dorothy Lapham who wrote this material is Hoagland Lapham's older sister who graduated from Hackensack High School in 1933. She was 88 years old when she sent this information along with other material about her brother whom she deeply loved. She said that over the years men from his platoon would call or come to her house and tell her how much they cared for her brother who led the platoon.

Hoagland Lapham was the first display I researched and Dorothy Lapham came with the help of a Nurse's aid on September 30, 2005 to see the display at the High School.

Dorothy Lapham still lives in the same house on 97 Pine Street in Hackensack that her and her brother grew up in so many years ago

Note by:
Bob Meli
February 6, 2009

Click here to view The Bergen Evening Record March 12, 1942 article telling of Frank E. Lapham's responsibilities as head of Hackensack Defense Council.


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