Flora T. "Peggy" Doremus Photo

Photo of Peggy Doremus
Back of photo of Peggy Doremus

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From left to right: Hugh F. Harlin, Walter S. Brown, Flora T. (Peggy) Doremus, and Otto H. Prehn.

According to the article upon his death, The Evening Record Tuesday December 3, 1918 states, "He is survived by his wife, a son, his mother, and a brother, and sister."  George Hedges, a 1973 Hackensack High school graduate, found the original photo with writing on the back taken by his uncle George E. Hedges in an old album he discovered. According to the writing on the back of the photo, the name of the soldier holding the young girl is Otto H. Prehn who is list on the Honor Roll which was in the paper in 1918, and the young girl according to the writing on the back of the photo is "Peggy Doremus". The article of December 3, 1918 not mentioning a daughter may be wrong because as Mr. Hedges continued his research he found in the 1920 census there is listed in the Doremus household a daughter Flora Doremus. So it is very possible that the young girl in this photo is Harry Doremus' daughter Flora, who would have been 4 years old at the time, whom they nicknamed "Peggy" for whatever reason, which is the name on the back of the photo that George Hedges' uncle labeled.

It also could possible be a niece who was visiting with his brother or sister.The man farthest left George Hedges researched was a career soldier and had been born in New York and Hugh F. Harlin was listed with Co. C. 114th Regiment.A little bit confusing, but for every answer when researching history, we find ten questions. The camp on the original photo is labeled Camp McClellan which is where they were stateside in Anniston, Alabama.

Written by:
Bob Meli
November 20, 2015