Army Sergeant

            George Toriello sent me this information on January 2020, on Harold Van Zandt whose name is on the Plaque, which is hung just inside the entrance of the First Baptist Church in Hackensack. 

According to Military records and the 1900 Census Harold L. Van Zandt was born August 16, 1890 in New Jersey and the 1900 Census states at the age of 10, Harold, was living at 26 Ward Street in Hackensack with his father Newton, mother Hannah, and sister Mildred. 

          World War I draft certificate lists his address as 155 Passaic Street Hackensack, NJ and the U. S. Army Transport Service Passenger list has the same address.  Harold L. Van Zandt served in the Army and rose to the rank of Sergeant with Battery B, 308th Field Artillery, 78th Infantry Division.  Harold L. Van Zandt departed from Port of New York on the USS Cedric for France on May 28, 1918.   The 308th. Field Artillery, 78th. Infantry Division was operating in France, until Wars end on November 11, 1918.

          Harold L. Van Zandt according to information on Ancestry website died around 1928 at the very young age, if that is correct, of only 38 years old and from what is unknown. 

Written by:
Bob Meli
March 30, 2020


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on November 8th, 1917


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