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369th Infantry
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Author, Emmett J. Scott June 15, 1919

“In response to the natural desire and nation–wide demand
for an authentic and reliable record of Negro military achievements
and other of their patriotic contributions, this volume has been
 prepared as a lasting tribute to the American Negro's participation
in the greatest war in human history.”
 Written by Emmett J. Scott.

What follows is the preface to this book which would be
 worth finding and getting a copy if available. I also included
 statements from some leaders of the day from the book, Teddy
 Roosevelt is interesting and the Secretary of War, the Honorable
 Newton D. Baker is well worth reading. There are also some
pictures from the book which I copied the pictures of the Co. D.
 369 th infantry the 15 th regiment from New York which is who
Corporal Fred Himmel was fighting with. Who knows maybe he is
in one of the photos.

Written by:
Bob Meli  
March 22, 200




Fred Himmel