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Co. D. 369 th Infantry

       Sometimes we think that what we do has no significance at all. In the
 article that is on display Fred G. Himmel a ‘colored boy' was sent off to war
 to fight for America in stopping the tyranny of Germany abroad. He saw in
his service the even greater fight of being looked upon as equal to white
soldiers at home when he writes
“But I am doing it for you all that this race
of ours will progress.”
A battle field becomes a great equalizer all blood
runs red. All sacrifice is seen clearly.

Fred Himmel coming from Hackensack New Jersey this statement
has such significance because he would have known of Woodrow Wilson as
 Governor of New Jersey even before he was elected President. He was
 fighting for a Commander and Chief, President Woodrow Wilson, who was
 quoted in the then epic silent film made in 1915 “BIRTH OF A NATION”
in which Blacks are stereo, typed and the KKK comes to the rescue.
Woodrow Wilson had his presidential cabinet have a private viewing of the

I would leave it up to historians to explain President Woodrow
Wilson's place in history, but I would like to raise this question to you,
 looking back on history almost one hundred years later, who did more to
promote freedom and liberty home and abroad with his Life as his example
Fred Himmel or President Woodrow Wilson? Never underestimate your
 influence when you stand and do what is right. Let us never forget the
soldiers sacrifice.

Written by:
Bob Meli
March 22, 2008