369th Infantry

American Negro troops boarding the boat in New York Harbor for Camp Merritt N.J Mobilization camp.


Men from the 369 that won Croix de Guerre
Colored heroes' who won the Croix de Guerre. All of these are enlisted men of the 369th Infantry.


Lieut. Thomas A. Painter
Lieut. Thomas A. Painter 369th Infantry, Decorated for Gallantry.


Capt. Napleon Bonaparte
Capt. Napleon Bonaparte Marshal, of the 369th Inf. One of Harvard's most famous athletes severely wounded in spine during fighting south of Meetx, must wear a steel brace during the remainder of his life.


Colonel William Howard
Colonel William Hayward, commanding the 369th Infantry. Major Arthur WiLittle of the same Regiment.


Fred McIntre
He captured the Kaiser. Corporal Fred McIntre of the 369th infantry with the photograph of the Kaiser, which he captured from a German officer in his dugout.


Negro troops returning
Negro troops returning to camp behind the lines after a strenuous day on the Western Front during operations on the Marne.


American infantry
What real war looks like. American infantry is co-operating with french tanks.



Soldiers from 369th
Group of colored soldiers of the 369th infantry.


Hero from 369th with one leg
A returning hero of the 369th, of whom Fred Himmel fought with, who lost his leg in France, being welcomed on his return home to New York . The loop of cord on his left shoulder is the decoration that every member of this Regiment is entitled to wear including then Corporal Himmel. It signifies that entire Regiment has been awarded the “Cordon of Croix de Guerre” by the French.


New York welcome
How New York welcomed the Famous "Hell Fighter 369th Regiment"(15th National Guard) on their return from "over there" photographed passing the New York Public Library.


The return home of the 369th
The return home of the 369th.





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Fred Himmel