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On November 23, 2012, Donald Becan sent me an e-mail stating:

“I really enjoyed your presentation at the High School.  I did not know about the Wall of Honor until I heard your talk, Great Job!”

Donald Becan sent his discharge papers and said he had served in the Navy from July of 1963 to July of 1969. 

I e-mailed Donald Becan back on November 23, 2012 asking a few more questions about his service and this was his reply in his e-mail on
November 30, 2012:


Bob Meli

          Please find answers to questions below:

What rank did you reach?

Storekeeper Second Class (SK2)

What ship were you on and what kind was it?

U.S.S. Bushnell (AS15)

Where were you stationed and what was your mission ex. Transport equipment, Troops, bring fire for landings etc?  Were you patrolling in Caribbean or Atlantic ocean?  Whatever, just briefly explain.  Were you patrolling Vietnam?
Stationed in Key West Florida, I worked directly for the Supply Officer of Submarine Squadron Twelve in providing logistics and supply material for Ten World War II class diesel submarines.  The Bushnell did not go on patrols.  It was a supply depot ship that handled all the requirements of the submarines.  I was not in Vietnam. 
My time in the Navy was spent in Newport RI. , Charleston, SC and Key West Fl.

Any experiences you would like to share?

While on the Bushnell a fire broke out in the forward engine room of the 530’ long ship.  Since the ship supplied torpedoes to the submarines, they were fifty torpedoes in the next compartment to the engine room.  A complete evacuation of the Key West Naval Base was ordered.  Fire rescue ships flooded the ship at the pier and prevented it from exploding.  The fire was so intense that the story was reported in the New York Times.

Any Awards?

No Awards.

You could tell what you are doing today if you would like also?

Currently, I am Compliance Officer for DHS Technologies LLC in
Orangeburg, New York.  DHS is a defense contractor that manufactures an array of military shelters for the U.S. Army.  Along with shelters, DHS manufactures self-contained trailers that provide electricity, heat and cooling for the shelters.  The company also manufactures video products that are used in the shelters to monitor battlefield operations.  These are the 60’’ video screen monitors that you see on the news networks during operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The command post shelters provide work and living areas for our troops while on deployment.  I am also the responsible officer for all contract negotiations between DHS and U.S. Government and commercial prime contractors such as Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics etc.                      

I have worked for the following companies:
   1. Burns and Roe Inc. Oradell N.J.-Contract Manager
   2. ITT Corp Clifton N.J.-Manager Contract Administration
   3. BAE Systems Wayne N.J.-Director Contracts and Compliance 
   4. Affiliated Computer Services-Washington, D.C.-Vice President Group Compliance Officer

Below are a few personal items that I gave Judy for the
   Reunion Booklet:

Graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University; BS Marketing 1972, MBA Management 1976 (honors: Phi Omega Epsilon)

Some personal achievements:

Court Appointed Civil Trial Mediator-Bergen County Court System.
Appointed as a local Board Member to the
Selective Service
System in Bergen County N.J. appointment by
George W. Bush.


Plays golf and tennis
Jazz guitar player
Enjoys reading novels and cooking

If you need any additional information, please let me know.
Best Regards,


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