Chester "Chet the Jet" Hanulak
 Interview by Julie Hanulak (May 14, 2011) for Bob Meli, HHS Veteran’s Website

• Attended Hackensack HS, 1946-50; graduated in 1950
• Football scholarship -All- American  U. of Maryland - LHB (Left Half-Back) 1950-54
• After college, Chet Hanulak went on to play for the Cleveland Browns in 1954. In 1955 and 1956, Chet Hanulak served in the Air Force. During this time, Chet Hanulak played on the first Air Force Football team. After his service, Chet Hanulak went back to the Cleveland Browns and played during the 1957 season, ending his professional career.
• Bolling Air Force base, Washington, DC - start up of the first Air Force football team at the Air Force Academy. He was a Personnel Officer; met General Lemay, who came to many of Chet’s games.
• Credited for service, returned back to the Browns in 1957
• Currently living with wife, Betsy, in Salisbury, Maryland

Tom Della Torre, Chet Hanulak, Mike Hanulak and
Carl Padavano at the 1950 HHS Athletic Awards

Chet Hanulak on Carl Padovano:

• Chet’s real love was baseball - Carl “taught me a lot; he was quiet, reserved, never yelled”
• Football: “Carl was an excellent coach; he was the calming force coaching with Della Torre.  Della Torre was tougher, Carl was the moderator."