Charles Fleischman, Jr.
Of Old Company G, Writes Of Thrilling Experiences

The Evening Record
November 8, 1918



Charles Fleischman, Jr., of
Old Company G, Writes of
Thrilling Experiences

Oct. 20, 1918

Friend George- Your most welcome letter received some time ago was sure glad to hear from you, and would have answered sooner but have been almost every day and night. Since writing my last letter to you have covered nearly the whole country of France . " is only a miracle that I am here and able to write you this letter. All I can say is that the Lord certainly was with me. "I am now in a hospital and getting along fairly well, and if I keep on improving as I have been I will soon be as well as ever. "It happened like this: We were going up the side of a hill when along comes Mr. Gas Shell and explodes within 20 feet of me and before I could adjust my gas mask I got some in my lungs and eyes and that was the last I remembered until I found myself at a first aid station where I was received and taken in an ambulance to a hospital and given treatment. Was then taken to another hospital where I now am, but expect to be taken to a base hospital further behind the lines. "My eyes are getting along fine and I can see almost as well as ever for which i am very thankful. "Well, George, the time came for us to show what we were made of and I tell you the boys stuck to a plan: went over the top: took their objective against great odds, but suffered terrible losses. I surely shall never forget that day as long as I live. But damn them, we drove them back, though we were out numbered ten to one. I cannot tell you very much. "Saw in the paper a few days ago where Germany agreed to all of President Wilson's peace terms, but have not been able to get a look at a paper since, but from the roar of the big guns I don't think they have come to any agreement as yet. But I don't think it can last very much longer, according to what i have heard. "I have converged with a number of German prisoners and from what they have told me my opinion is that they cannot last much longer. Yesterday brought to the ward I am in to do some work and the guard in charge of them asked we patients if any of us could speak German, so I volunteered my services. I told them what the guard sent me to which was about the work he wanted them to do. While talking to them about the work they were to do, I ... them as to the condition in Germany and how much longer they thought the war would last. They told me the people of Germany wanted to give up and have the war end and that it was only the big man that kept it going. They also said that if the German soldiers knew they were treated so good by the Americans they would lay down their arms and give up. But they were led to believe by their officers that they would be cruelty treated by their Americans if taken prisoners and in many cases be put to death. So you can see how they are deceived. "I wish I could describe to you my experience on that certain day, and of the miraculous escapes I had. "We are given very good treatment here and the doctors do all they can for us and I must say they have plenty of work but never seem to tire. "Well, George, my eyes are tired so will close. Hoping to see you soon again and tell you some of my experiences. Trusting this finds you well I remain as ever. "Yours,
" Co. C 114th Inf...
"A. P. O. 765. "

P.S.- Guess you were and still are very busy since the registration of 18-45. But don't think we will need them over here to help us.

P.S.- The envelope containing this letter is one of a few that I took from a German that we took prisoner."