Barbara E. Kirby


The Record obituary article dated April 28, 2017 states that
Barbara E. (nee Hanlon) Kirby served in the Army during the Vietnam War.
She would have graduated from high school around 1967.

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Barber E. (nee Hanlon) Kirby was the President of Maple Grove Cemetery, the second oldest cemetery in Hackensack, possibly the oldest, along with the cemetery by the Church on the Green.

An interesting note, although I have no answer to the question if Barbara knew this person, or is somehow related to him, but when I was in
Fairmount School in the 5th and 6th grade, a classmate of mine was
Tommy Kirby. He would have been seven years younger than this woman, so I doubt they were husband and wife. Tommy Kirby did join the Marines when in high school, but just before leaving for service, he was in a fatal car accident and died. Although I had lost touch with Tommy Kirby as we got older, when I heard what had happened in the early 1970’s, I was terribly saddened and have never forgotten him since.


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