Arthur Abrams may have attended Maywood schools, and before World War II, Maywood was a sending district to Bogota High School, so I have him listed here.

Click here to view The Bergen Evening Record article dated Monday March 9, 1942 telling of
Arthur Abrams being granted a leave of absence while he joins the Navy during World War II.

             An interesting part of Arthur Abrams story was his connection to the Bund Riot incident in New Milford in 1938. A women in New Milford advertised a Bund meeting at her house in New Milford. The “Bund” was an attempt at creating the Germany Nazi party in the United States and
the leader of the organization in the United States was a man named Fritz Kuhn. The articles in 1938 told of a lower level leader named Adam Kunze either slipping and falling into Hirshfield Pond or being pushed in during a confrontation with people protesting the meeting.
Abrams was interviewed in a June 3, 1994 article in The Record. Click here to view about the incident in which Abrams says he was there as an officer and took off his badge and put on a sweater to confront the leader of the bund rally. Abrams claims it was not the lower level leader Adam Kunze, but rather the actual leader of the Nazi party in the United States at the time
Fritz Kuhn. Abrams states, “I walked up, hesitated, stood there, and I told him to shut up. Then he looked and he spat at me. Then I hit him.” Abrams said, “Right on the chin. It couldn’t have been better. He tumbled brass-over tea-kettle into the pond.”



Background image of Fritz Kuhn leading rally obtained from: