Hackensack Boy Dies In France
March 3, 1919



Corp. Amasa F. Gurnee, After Going Through St. Mihiel Dies From Pneumonia

Corp. Amasa Freemen Gurnee, with our army in France, became a victim of bronchial pneumonia and passed on to his heavenly reward on
February 15.

Saturday night at 8 o'clock the end news of his death was sent to his mother, Mrs. Esther Gurnee, a widow residing at 286 Passaic Street, whose other son, Hasbrouck, recently returned from the army transport Aganmemnon.
Corp. Gurnee wrote to his pastor, Dr. C.R. Knebler, from France:

"I have taken part in the St. Mihiel drive and also in the final drive. We captured Grand Pre and chased the Germans on their way to Sweden when we got orders to quit. We were sited for our good work and we never lost a man in our battery."

It seems doubly sad that this brave lad who had come through the wild fires of war through canister and shell, should with the goal of home so near, slip away.

Amasa Freeman Gurnee was born in Garnerville, N.Y., in 1891, and was named after the pastor of the Central Presbyterian Church of
Haverstraw, N.Y- the Rev. Amasa Greeman, D.D.

Coming to Hackensack, he enlisted with the First Presbyterian Church on Main Street, where he lived an active Christian life. The Young People's Society and the Brotherhood will not soon forget how willingly he played on the piano and gave spirit to the singing.

He leaves a large company of friends to mourn him, and his mother, his two brothers and sister have the sympathy of the community.