Alfred V. Brower New Milford


Entered service September 5, 1942..Trained at C.G. Recruiting Station 3rd Naval District……Assigned to Fire Boat…Served at Port Newark, N.J. and San Francisco, Calif….Date of discharge October 11, 1945. Graduated New Milford Junior High School June 1932.

New Milford in World War II
Teresa M. Martin
Copyright May 30, 1947



The background photo is of the SS Normandie fire in New York harbor on February 9, 1942.This ship was one
of the greatest luxury ocean liners ever made.The ship was in New York Harbor when the Germans took over France and so the United States kept it in port in New York in 1939.The government was in the process of turning the great ocean liner into a troop ship when the fire broke out on February 9, 1942. Alfred V. Brower was not in the service until September of 1942 and so he would not have been involved in this incident.
The photo shows what Alfred V. Brower’s service would have involved aboard a fire boat in
Port Newark, San Francisco, or anywhere else he would have been serving during World War II aboard
a fire boat.      


Background image of SS Normandie Ship obtained from:

Researched Veterans
World War II