The articles which appeared in The Record in June 1942 which is linked below mentions the fate of the little known story of the tanker Neosho and the destroyer Sims,which was called upon to protect the tanker.

Two Hackensack sailors crossing paths in one of the greatest Naval battles in history. Maybe they knew the other was there, maybe not, but one thing is for certain the heroism and tragedy of war is revealed in the pages
that follow.

Thomas H. Cameron was stationed aboard the tanker Neosho, Alfred A. Sanzari was stationed aboard the destroyer Sims when they were engaged in a battle with the Japanese.

The Neosho had a crew of 293 men of which 182 were either killed in action or perished at sea,
and 111 survived.

The destroyer Sims had a crew of 252 men of which 239 were killed in action defending the tanker and only 13 survived. All told on the two ships 545 men serving 124 survived while 421 men perished.

Thomas H. Cameron Gunner's Mate Third Class, died while drifting at sea on a group of life rafts with 68 other men. They had abandoned the Neosho on May 7, 1942 and were not found until May 16, 1942 with only four survivors. Two of these men died shortly after rescue and were buried at sea.

Alfred A. Sanzari was Killed in Action while on board the Destroyer Sims defending the Neosho.

Written by:
Bob Meli
August 5, 2006