I (Bob Meli) spoke to Aldo Cerbo, who by all the people I talked to who played with him during the 1950's said he was the best pitcher on the 1950 baseball team, here is his comments.

“I was drafted after high school during Korea but I never was in combat during my service, I spent my time in Japan playing baseball. They wanted me to stay in the Army after I was done so I could continue to pitch but I wanted to get home.

We had a real good team in 1950. It was different then though because we always played nine innings on Saturdays and seven innings during the week. I wound up pitching during the week and Herman West who was the senior and a very good lefty pitcher pitched on Saturday. I also pitched for the Hackensack Troast club with my brothers. The thing then also was when you came out of a game you had to stay out today they have all sorts of different rules. I think baseball should be played in nine innings but anyway we had
Chet Hanulak who played for the Cleveland Browns Football team in the 50's. I loved playing baseball and I played after the service for the Hackensack Troast.”

Dave Seddon the Hackensack baseball coach from 1969 to 1984 batted against Aldo Cerbo when he was pitching for the Troast in the 1950's and he said he gave him a lesson he never forgot on working the strike zone up and down and in and out. Dave Seddon said he was one of the best pitchers he ever faced when it came to location. Dave Seddon played a short while in the Boston Red Sox minor league organization.

Written By: Bob Meli