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W. George Vasios graduated Hackensack High School 1937.  His older brother, Harold, graduated from Hackensack High School in 1936.  We have no knowledge of his service as of August 5, 2011, but more then likely he served during
World War II and we will post when we confirm his service.

          I had spoken to W. George Vasios in 2005, and he told me he does not use his first name.  George told me his brother graduated 1936, but did not tell me anything about his service, though his brother Harold was in the service because his name is on the Wall Unit.  He asked about a friend, Robert E. Trinks, who graduated from Hackensack High School and is on the Wall Unit, but did not know when he graduated.  He mentioned that Charles G. Winnup, whose name is on the Wall Unit graduated in 1937.  My father Tom Meli, said
Robert E. Trinks
had been head of the Housing Authority in Hackensack at one time.  W. George Vasios also told me about his friend, Charles E. Booth, who was Killed in Action when his plane crashed somewhere in the Pacific Theater. 
Charles E. Booth
, Hackensack High School graduate 1937 or 1938, he was not sure but it was around his year 1937, lived across the street from him on Park Street in Hackensack at the time.  He was going to send me information, but I never received any and he has since Passed away.

Written by
Bob Meli
August 5 2011



Background of factory where planes were worked on from: