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Hackensack High School
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Bong Som Bridge
January 1967


In May 2012, Vincent Dattoli was at Hackensack High School and saw our Veterans Wall Unit and shortly after sent us this information about his service:

Vincent F. Dattoli attended Hackensack High School from 1962 until graduation in 1964.  Vincent F. Dattoli served in the Army, First Calvary Division B2/12th from February 1, 1966 until January 31, 1968,
rising to the rank of Sergeant in the Infantry as a Rifleman.  The places Vincent F. Dattoli saw combat while in Vietnam from July 1966 until
July 1967 were Ankhe, IaDrang, Bong Son, and Am LO Valley. 

The awards Vincent F. Dattoli received for his service are C/B,
Vietnam Service medal, Vietnam Campaign medal, Air Medal,
Good Conduct medal, and the U.S. Service medal. 

Vincent Dattoli is one of the best fans of Hackensack High School sports and I have seen him and known him ever since I graduated
Hackensack High School in 1973.  I have also worked along side him on construction jobs and never knew Vincent F. Dattoli served in Vietnam.

  Let us never forget the soldiers sacrifice.

Written By
Bob Meli
July 9, 2012


Background image of Bong Som Bridge in Vietnam taken from: