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Yearbook 1947

Hackensack High School
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Sal Presti 1947
Hackensack High School graduate included his information along with a letter sent by his friend,
James Adamo.  Service together has a way of making soldiers stay friends for life.

Here is the information which was sent on August 12, 2006 by James Adamo for Sal Presti:


Sal Presti
Active Service:
February 1951—January 1953

Branch: Army 45th Infantry Division
Overseas SVC: Korea
Citations: Korean War Medal
Special Training: Combat Engineer
Rank and Discharge from service: Sergeant

Written By
                                  Bob Meli
                       August 15, 2011



Background image of 179th Regiment, 45th U.S. Infantry Division, fires on Communist positions, west of Chorwon, Korea,
May 5, 1952

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