Entered service July 17, 1944…trained at Truax Field, Madison, Wisconsin
Sept. 20, 1944 to Jan.23, 1945 (Radio Mech. course);  Chanute Field, Illinois
Jan. 29, 1945 to March 10, 1945 (Electronics); Boca Raton, Florida April 1, 1945 to Sept. 22, 1945 (Radar Mech. ) .. Assigned to U.S.A.A.F….Served at Fort Dix, N.J.; Sheppard Field, Texas ; Truax, Chanute and Boca Raton Field in Radar Operating…Date of discharge June 29, 1946…Graduated New Milford Jr. High School June 1941.

New Milford in World War II
Teresa M. Martin
Copyright May 30, 1947


Background is of U.S.A.A.F. symbol which stands for United States Army Air Force
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Edward Jordan

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