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Joseph A DeFalco Wrestling 1998 Photo with Bob Meli
Joseph A DeFalco Wrestling Photo with Mendoza Family
Pre-dinner Field house Weigh-in
April 6, 1998 Joseph A. DeFalco with Bob Meli.
Fiesta region II HOF dinner April 6, 1998
Walter Mendoza, Walter's daughter, Joseph A. DeFalco, and
Walter's brother, Alberto Mendoza.
Joseph A DeFalco Wrestling Photo with Dass and Stallone
Joseph A DeFalco Roger Faust Bob Cancro and Gary Brierty
Fiesta Region II HOF Wrestling dinner April 6, 1998
Ralph Dass, Joseph A. DeFalco, and John Stallone.
Joseph A. DeFalco, Roger Faust, Bob Cancro, and Gary Brierty.
Joseph A DeFalco Region II HOF Wrestling dinner April 6 1998 2
Joseph A. DeFalco looking at camera, Stash Demateo is behind him to the left, Frank Giurleo is behind him talking to Ernie Tabachino.
1998 Hackensack wrestlers are behind them.
L-R: Hwt Bryant, Aashon Larkin, and Gerry Carrols.
Pre-dinner Weigh-in
L-R: Joe Buesing and John DeLia foreground talking to Joe DeFalco.
Pre-dinner weigh-in Ron Karcich is shaking Joe DeFalco's hand,
Carl Padovano, Jr. next in line, then Glen Candrilli, and Alberto Mendoza with glasses on.
Pre-dinner weigh-in at Field House.
Bart Tarulli is hugging Joe DeFalco and grey suit Stash Dematteo's back is to camera.

Pre-dinner Field House weigh-in.
L-R: Joe DeFalco is shaking John Chizulo's hand, Garyn Brierty on the back wall and 1972 heavy weight Jim Toman waits next in line.

Pre-dinner Field House weigh-in.
L-R: close friend who was coached in football by Joseph DeFalco, hugging him John Chizulo then Gary Bierty, and Frank Giurleo.
1998 Pre-dinner Field House Weigh-in.
L-R: coaches during 1969 to 1975 wrestling seasons Pete Mackert, Joseph Buesing, head coach Joseph DeFalco and Tony Karcich.
Pre-dinner weigh in at Field House.
Joe Buesing to right of Joe DeFalco brought 1972 Wrestling chart that he would post every year. Looking on is myself next to Joe's left then John DeLia and Reggie Williams with red white and blue tie.
Dinner at Fiesta
L-R: Jim Luciano, Chuckie Davidson, Ron Karcich, and Carl Padovano, Jr.
Wrestling dinner at Fiesta
L-R: Bart Tarulli, Frank Giurleo, Gary Brierty, Stash Demateo.
Joseph DeFalco and myself after dinner at the Fiesta.
Wrestling dinner seated at table are from
L-R: Roger Faust, Bob Cancro, Erik Cunningham, Reggie Williams, Paul Cabibbo, Bill Uscher standing, Jay Viola. Standing with finger in the air is Wayne Ferrara.
Wrestling dinner at Fiesta
L-R: Glen Candrilli, Joe DeFalco, and Alberto Mendoza.
Wrestling dinner at Fiesta
L-R: Pete Mora, Mike O'Rourke, John Viscardi, Walter Mendoza standing, Ron Leonardo, Tim Jordan standing, and Nelson Lewis.

Wrestling dinner at Fiesta
L-R: Joseph DeFalco, Chuckie Davidson middle, and Bill Palidino.

Wrestling dinner at Fiesta
L-R: Joseph DeFalco having a laugh with Chuckie Davidson.
Wrestling dinner at Fiesta
L-R: Ralph Daas, Joseph DeFalco, and John Stallone.
Joseph DeFalco speaking at dinner.
Wrestling dinner at the Fiesta
Joseph DeFalco coming to podium after my (Bob Meli's) introduction.
Joe Loungo standing in background who was president of the Region II HOF at the time was there to greet Joe DeFalco.
Wrestling dinner at Fiesta
I had sat at this table from L-R: In front Valentine Egrow, behind him Daryl Alston, with glasses Gary Degregorio, with white shirt and glasses Gary Fitchler, John Delia, Jim Toman, Bruce Klein, leaning on him Bob Sellarole, Frank Bitetto, and Mike Hogan in front with glasses.
Wrestling dinner at Fiesta
L-R: Walter Mendoza and his daughter, Joe DeFalco, and Alberto Mendoza Walters brother.
This is two photos put together to show complete group of people in photo.