On the side of the Civil War monument at the Hackensack Cemetery in Hackensack there is a grave plot where men who served during the
Civil War and Spanish American War are buried.   The following is still readable on Isaac Van Sciver's Headstone and is why we cannot verify which war he may have served in.  What we do know is Issac Van Sciver is buried in the Hackensack Cemetery in a plot where only veterans may rest in peace.  

His Gravestone reads:

(# OR Letter unknown) REGT. N. J. VOL.
DIED MAY 10(#unreadable), 1917

 I have Isaac Van Sciver listed under the Spanish American War until we find more specific information on which conflict he served. 

Let us never forget their sacrifice.

Written by
Bob Meli
September 19, 2012


Background Image is of a Recruiting poster during the Spanish American War


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