Frank Gallintano Year Book Photo 1946

Hackensack High School
Yearbook Photo


In January 2008, I met with the veterans from Hackensack at the Crows Nest Restaurant on Route 17.  The veterans invited me to a dinner to thank me for the work I had done on the Hackensack High School Wall Unit.  After dinner, Frank P. Gallitano filled out a Veteran form on his military service.  A lifetime Hackensack resident, Frank P. Gallitano attended
Hackensack High School for two years in the late 1940’s.  He served in the military from 1551 to 1953 during the Korean War.  Frank P. Gallitano became a Corporal and received the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart during his service. 

Let us never forget the soldiers sacrifice.   

                                                                    Written by:
                                                                        Bob Meli
                                                                    June 26, 2011


A crewman watches from a M-26 tank supporting patrolling Marines as they advance through mountainous Korean terrain.
Photo is dated 23 April 1951.