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Carmen Deriso visited Hackensack High School to learn about the
Veteran’s web site in 2010.  After seeing what the student’s of Hackensack were doing he offered to send me material about his service in the
U.S. Navy. 

          Carmen Deriso told me that he flew up and down the east Coast mainly by Washington D.C. on board a P5 M plane known as a submarine hunter. 
He was an Electrician’s mate Second Class and served on board in case of Electrical problems.

          Click here to view pictures of the type of plane Carmen Deriso flew in up and down the east coast to view for submarines.

          Click here to view Carmen Deriso’s Airmen School October 26, 1951, Certificate.

          Click here to view Carmen Deriso’s Navy Certificate he received in Jacksonville Florida on March 21, 1952.

            Click here to view Navy Training Certificate which Carmen Deriso received on March 25 1953, and the Diploma type document once Carmen received the promotion on November 16, 1953.

          Click here to view the two dispatch papers documents Carmen Deriso received after leaving the service on May 5, 1955.
Written by
Bob Meli
July 14, 2012


Carmen Deriso

Years attended HHS -
3 years  1950

Years in military – 4 years
Branch –USN

Rank—2nd class Aviation Electrician


John A. Amore


Background Image of a Martin P5M Marlin