Carl Padovano
Photos of Iwo Jima Flag
Japanese Soldiers Field Manual







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Flag 1


Flag 2




"The stories of these two flags have passed away with Carl Padovano. When and how he got them on the volcanic wind swept island of Iwo Jima, we will never know. Was one of the flags taken from the battle for Mount Surabachi? Was one of the flags taken when they entered one of the caves and tunnels when he was wounded? We just do not know. Other questions to ask would be, Why is one written in print with stars next to some names? Who printed them? How many of those men did he know ? The other flag has signatures with addresses. How many of these men did he fight with? Did they sign this on the island or were they on a ship?
What we do know is that these two flags were brought home from the Battle of Iwo Jima and placed in a chest with those things Carl Padovano deemed meaningful from his experience. Let us never forget the Marines sacrifice".

Written by: Bob Meli 2009 

Click HERE to view a postcard of Iwo Jima signed by men who served with Padovano