Carl Padovano
Educational Career
Japanese Soldiers Field Manual






Click here to read the Record article, which was probably in the paper in the spring of 1946, telling of the hiring of the two most successful coaches in Hackensack High School history,  
Carl Padovano and Tom Della Torre.  Very informative article on both men. An interesting note is that Carl Padovano’s service on Iwo Jima is never mentioned, I guess at the time it was just taken for granted. 

Let us never forget their sacrifice. 

Click here to view the Record article which was in the paper at the end of the football season, only four years later in 1949 beginning their great successful winning ways at Hackensack High School. This team had Chet Hanulak, who went on to play football at the University of Maryland and two years for the Cleveland Browns. 

This is the same school year when Hackensack went undefeated in Baseball with Aldo Cerbo leading the pitching staff. 

These articles came from Carl Padovano’s scrap book. 


                                                          Written By
                                                             Bob Meli
                                                              August 7, 2011