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First Haitian Campaign Medal

Awarded to both U.S. Navy and Marine Corps personnel having participated in Haitian peacekeeping actions between the years of 1915 and 1920. The first period of service, for which the Haitian Campaign Medal was authorized, was from July 9th to December 6th, 1915. The Haitian Campaign Medal was awarded to any member of the Navy or Marine Corps, who had served on active duty during the aforementioned dates, and was attached to the United States fleet of Rear Admiral William B. Caperton. The Haitian Campaign Medal was authorized again in December 1921 and was presented to any member of the Navy or Marine Corps who had performed military operations in Haiti between the dates of April 1, 1919 and June 15, 1920. Due to the break in time service, between the two authorizations of the Haitian Campaign Medal, the decoration is commonly referenced as two separate decorations those being the First Haitian Campaign Medal and the Second Haitian Campaign Medal. The medal, itself, is different in appearance depending on which time period the award was authorized although the award ribbon is the same for both periods of award eligibility. For those who served in both time periods of the Haitian Campaign Medal, a campaign clasp is worn on the 1915 version of the medal with a service star worn on the award ribbon. Both the first and second versions of the Haitian Campaign Medal may not be worn simultaneously.