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China Relief Expedition Medal

Awarded to U.S. Marine Corps personnel having performed military duty in China, between the dates of June 20, 1900, and May 27, 1901, with such duty being in service of the China Relief Expedition. For those service members who were cited for gallantry in action, the Citation Star is authorized as a device to the China Campaign Medal. The United States Navy equivalent is imprinted with “U.S. Navy” on the riverside side of the China Relief Expedition Medal. The U.S. Army equivalent is the China Campaign Medal. A similar medal, known as the China Service Medal, was also created by the Navy in 1941. The China Relief Expedition Medal was created by order of the United States War Department on January 12, 1905 to recognize service in the China Relief Expedition conducted by the United States military at the turn on the 20th century during the Boxer Rebellion.