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Kosovo Campaign Medal

Awarded to service members assigned to a military unit for thirty days, or sixty cumulative days, in support of one of the following operations: Operation Allied Force: March 24, 1999 through June 10, 1999; Operation Allied Harbor: April 4, 1999 through September 1, 1999;Operation Shining Hope: April 4, 1999 through July 10, 1999; Operation Noble Anvil: March 24, 1999 through July 20, 1999; Operation Joint Guardian: June 11, 1999 to a date to be determined. The medal is also awarded for membership in one of the following task forces, provided that service was performed within the 30-60 days time requirement: Task Force Hawk: April 5, 1999 through June 24, 1999; Task Force Saber: March 31, 1999 through July 8, 1999; Task Force Falcon: June 11, 1999 through November 1, 1999; Task Force Hunter: April 1 through November 1, 1999. The above operations and task forces, as well as associated peacekeeping actions not identified by a specific campaign, are grouped into two “blanket” campaigns which encompass all United States military operations in Kosovo. Known as the Kosovo Air Campaign and the Kosovo Defense Campaign, these two campaigns began in June 1999 and are active until a date to be determined.