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Army of Cuban Pacification Medal

Awarded to U.S. Army personnel having served in the United States occupation force, garrisoned on the island of Cuba between the dates of October 6, 1906 and April 1, 1909. There was no time limit required for presentation of the award, and a service member could technically receive the Army of Cuban Pacification Medal for only a few days of service. A similar decoration, known as the Army of Cuban Occupation Medal, also existed for those who had served in the initial occupation of Cuba after the Spanish-American war. Members of the U.S. Marine Corps and Navy received the Marine Corps and Navy equivalent medal (see the appropriate branch of service for additional information). The Army of Cuban Pacification Medal was created by orders of the United States War Department on May 11, 1909. The medal was conceived to recognize service during the withdrawal of the United States military presence in Cuba as an aftermath of the Spanish-American War.