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Army Meritorious Civilian Service Award Medal

Awarded to nominees having established a pattern of excellence, normally demonstrated by the receipt of lower level awards. A nomination should be submitted within 6 months after completion of the act or period to be cited. When granted for bravery, a minimum cash award of $750.00 will accompany the medal. Eligibility will be determined by measuring contributions against the following example levels of achievement: (1) Accomplished supervisory or non-supervisory duties in an exemplary manner, setting a record of achievement, and inspiring others to improve the quantity and quality of their work. (2) Demonstrated unusual initiative and skill in devising new and improved equipment, work methods and procedures; inventions resulting in substantial savings in expenses such as manpower, time, space, and materials, or improved safety or health of the workforce. (3) Achieved outstanding results in improving the morale and performance of employees. (4) Exhibited unusual courage or competence in an emergency, while performing assigned duties, resulting in direct benefit to the Government or its personnel. (5) Rendered professional or public relations service of a unique or distinctive character. The Secretary of the Army or Major Army Command Commander awards this decoration.