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Army Exceptional Civilian Service Award Medal

Awarded to U.S. Army employees by measuring contributions against the following example levels of achievement: (1) Accomplished assigned duties of major program significance in such a way as to have been clearly exceptional or preeminent among all persons who have performed similar duties; (2) Developed and improved major methods and procedures, developed significant inventions, or was responsible for exceptional achievements that affected large-scale savings or were of major significance in advancing the missions of Department of the Army, Department of Defense and the Federal Government; (3) Exhibited great courage and voluntary risk of life in performing an act resulting in direct benefit to the Government or its personnel; (4) Provided outstanding leadership to the administration of major Army programs resulting in highly successful mission accomplishment or in the major redirection of objectives or accomplishments to meet unique or emergency situations. The Secretary of the Army awards this decoration. Nominees should be submitted within 6 months after completion of the period to be cited. When granted for bravery, a minimum cash award of $1000.00 will accompany the medal. With the exception of nominations for bravery, nominees must have established a demonstrable pattern of excellence and achievement which normally has been recognized by previous honorary awards up to and including the Meritorious Civilian Service Award.