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Army Commanders Award for Civilian Service Medal

Awarded to U.S. Army employees having established a pattern of excellence, normally recognized through the previous receipt of one or more honorary or monetary performance awards, may be considered for this award. Eligibility is determined by measuring contributions against the following example levels of achievement: (1) Accomplished supervisory or nonsupervisory duties in an outstanding manner, setting an example of achievement for others to follow. (2) Demonstrated initiative and skill in devising new or improved equipment, work methods and procedures; conceiving inventions that resulted in considerable savings in manpower, time, space, materials, or other items of expense; or items that improved safety or health of the workforce. (3) Demonstrated leadership in performing assigned duties that resulted in improved productivity of the unit. (4) Rendered professional or public relations service that resulted in considerable favorable publicity in the local area. (5) Demonstrated courage or competence in an emergency while performing assigned duties resulting in benefit to the Government or its personnel. Any commander (Colonel and above) or civilian equivalent may approve this award. Nominations will reflect service or achievement of a lesser degree than recognized by the Superior Civilian Service Award.