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Armed Forces Service Medal

Presented to those service members who engage in "significant activity" for which no other campaign or service medal is authorized. The term "significant activity" is determined by theater commanders and is normally deemed to be participation in a U.S. military operation considered to hold a high degree of scope, impact, and international significance that the operation warrants the presentation of a permanent service medal. The individual criteria for the Armed Forces Service Medal specify that a service member must perform at least thirty consecutive days in a geographical theater region to qualify for the decoration. Aircrew members may earn the award if a total of thirty mission days was performed flying into and out of the given area. As an official DOD exception to policy the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, and the Armed Forces Service Medal may be awarded concurrently for the following Operations in Yugoslavia: Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia, and Hungary (Operation Joint Guard) 20 Dec 1996 - 20 Jun 1998; and Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia, Italy, Hungary (Operation Joint Endeavor) 20 Nov 1995 - 19 Dec 1998. This medal was also awarded to U.S. Forces in relation to Hurricane Katrina, and Hurricane Rita relief efforts for 30 consecutive or 60 accumulated days from 27 August 2005 - 27 Feb 2006. Additional awards of the Armed Forces Service Medal are denoted by service stars.