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Armed Forces Civilian Service Medal

Awarded to civilians having been involved in direct support of the Armed Forces and who meet other specific criteria pertaining to the duration of the support in a specifically designated military operation beginning on or after 1 June 1992. To date, the designated operations are the following: Former Republic of Yugoslavia Operations (Maritime Monitor, Provide Promise, Deny Flight, Sharp Guard, Able Sentry, Joint Endeavor, Joint Guard, and Joint Forge); Haiti Operations (UN Mission in Haiti, US Forces Haiti, and US Support Group Haiti); and Provide Comfort. As a general rule, when the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has approved issuance of the AFSM for military participation in humanitarian or peacekeeping operations, the AFCSM may be awarded for the same operation. Employees must be engaged in direct support of the military for 30 consecutive days in the area of eligibility or for the full period when an operation is of less than 30 days in a military operation awarded the AFSM. Alternatively, the employee would qualify for the medal by providing direct support for 60 non-consecutive days in an AFSM operation provided this support involves the employee entering the areas of eligibility. The areas of eligibility are the same as designated for approved AFSM military operations, specifically: The foreign territory on which military troops have actually landed or are present and specifically deployed for the operation; Adjacent water areas in which ships are operating, patrolling, or providing direct support of the operation; and the air space above and adjacent to the area in which an operation is being conducted. The AFCSM is a "theater" award: Any eligible civilian employee who has been in the theater of operations and meets the other qualifying criteria is eligible for the award. Although the beginning date for the award has been established, the ending date has not yet been determined. No more than one AFCSM medal may be awarded to any one civilian employee. Participation in subsequent eligible operations may be acknowledged with a certificate and/or a 3/16 Bronze Service Star. A contribution to or support of an AFSM military operation by employees assigned to remotely located activities, that is, outside the areas of eligibility, is not justification for award of the AFCSM. Such performance or contribution, if merited, may be acknowledged by other appropriate recognition.